All purchases in the public sector will be invoiced with an e-invoice. Lantmäteriet receives electronic invoices via the PEPPOL network and Svefaktura. We do not accept invoices in PDF format. If you want to send invoices electronically but do not have the required system solution, you can use the Pagero Web Portal.

Electronic invoice, e-invoice

E-invoice via PEPPOL

We are connected to the PEPPOL network and our PEPPOL ID is 0007: 2021004888.

E-invoice in the format Svefaktura via an invoice exchange

Our service provider is Pagero and we accept invoices for our parts ID 202100-4888.

Service provider: Pagero
Organization number: 202100-4888

E-invoice by registering the invoice in Pagero Web Portal

We offer all our suppliers free access to the e-invoicing solution Pagero Web Portal. To create an account, register here (in Swedish, new window). Enter the project code Freeportal_lantmateriet and then fill in your company information. After that you can register your invoices which then go directly to Lantmäteriet .

Our operator Pagero also offers more automated solutions for sending e-invoices. Feel free to contact them for help in choosing the service that suits you best or visit our common project page (in Swedish, new window).

Paper invoices by post

Sent to:
Lantmäteriets inläsningscentral
737 84 Fagersta

Exception e-invoice

Lantmäteriet's invoices regarding administrative matters, stamp duty and fees are not covered by the requirements of the VAT Act, nor are they based on a public procurement. Therefore, the invoices are not covered by the legal requirement to send an e-invoice. For private individuals who are connected to a digital mailbox, the invoices will instead be sent there.

Invoicing terms

Requirements for invoice reference

Invoices to Lantmäteriet must always contain a reference. The reference must consist of either an order number, for example 401001236, or a capital letter followed by 0-6 digits which is the customer's organizational unit, for example C, D11, F1707, I060402.

Lantmäteriet as a government authority applies 30 day payment terms. Billing, shipping or other similar fees are not accepted.

Official information about Lantmäteriet

Organization number, registration date: 202100-4888, 1996-01-01

VAT registration number / VAT number, registration date: SE202100488801, 1996-01-01

Address: Lantmäteriet , 801 82 Gävle

E-mail address: lantmateriet @

Bank and payment number

Swedish deposits and withdrawals are handled by Swedbank and Danske Bank handles all foreign deposits and withdrawals.

Swedish payments:

BG 805-7028

Foreign payments:

IBAN number: SE38 1200 0000 0128 1011 7748
Bank account number: 12810117748
SNI code: 84131

For payments in registration cases, for example title deeds and mortgage deed costs:

Swedish payments:

BG 209-9372

Foreign payments:

IBAN number: SE88 1200 0000 0128 1011 7721


For questions about electronic invoices contact:
Other questions regarding supplier invoices:

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