Accessibility features

Here are some features you can use to make your site more accessible, depending on your needs.

Text size, zoom and font

You can change the font and display size to make it easier to see what is displayed on the screen. You use the browser's built-in function to change the font size and font or to zoom. You do this in different ways depending on the browser and device you are using.

Colors and cont raster

You can change color settings in your operating system. You can invert the colors in the operating system so that the text that is normally dark and presented against a light background becomes light and presented on a dark background. This is good if you find the white background that is often used on web pages annoying to the eyes. You can also set increased cont raster .

Navigate with keyboard

If you have difficulty using mouse, you can navigate instead using the keyboard. The content of the pages has a logical order to make it easier for you who navigate with the keyboard instead of a mouse.

Open links

Internal and external links

Links that lead to pages on open automatically in the same window that you have open in your browser.

Links that lead to websites outside open automatically in a new window in your browser.

Links to documents

Linked documents open in new window. The document opens in a program on your computer or directly in the browser, depending on your settings.

Email addresses

Email addresses are printed in the link text. You can copy the address and paste it into your email.

If you click on the link, a new email will open in your email with the address preset as recipient, provided you have that setting.

Ftp links

New versions of browsers will gradually remove support for ftp protocols. If downloading files does not work, use an ftp client.

Listening to the site

You can listen to our website. You reach the function below the symbol that looks like an ear and the word "Listen" at the top of almost all pages. When you click on the symbol, the player opens. The reading is synthetic and works on our Swedish and English pages.

Contents of this page may be automatically translated, we take no responsibility for the accuracy of the translation. Feel free to contact our customer support centre if you have any questions.

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