Comprehensive plan

Each municipality must have an up-to-date comprehensive plan, which covers the entire municipality. It should reflect the opinion of the political majority and be decided by the city council. The comprehensive plan is non-binding but should provide guidance for decisions on how land and water areas should be used and how the built environment should be used, developed, and preserved. This is an ongoing dataset that does not yet have a valid specification.


Preparatory work is ongoing with the aim of eventually developing one or more specifications for the comprehensive plan.

The Planning and Building Act imposes overall requirements on the content of a comprehensive plan. At the same time, different stakeholders have different needs of consuming content of a comprehensive plan. These requirements and needs serve as a basis for what information should be contained in the information model and information specification that are developed for the comprehensive plan.

Status: Draft

Schedule: Current specification 2025

Responsible: Lantmäteriet

National specifications

A national specification for comprehensive plan is under development.

Draft 3

A new draft is now available. This has been sent to system vendors for review. The next draft will be produced and sent to the focus group later during this autumn.

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Draft material:
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