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Common questions and answers

In order to be able to use the National Geodata platform, you need to register an organizational account with Lantmäteriet in the e-service Geotorget.

The information you then need to enter is e.g. organization, organization number, contact information, what data set you intended to make available, if the data set contains personal data, who is the information owner of the data set and information about contact information for support with you.

The contact person has a role to administer the organization's user account for the National Geodata Platform in the e-service Geotorget, this may involve ensuring that the Producer Agreement is signed, receiving user accounts needed in the National Geodata Platform, etc.

Who represents the municipality in contract law contexts is stated in the regulations, delegation arrangements or in special decisions about who has the right to sign documents and agreements.

Keep in mind that the Producer Agreement is an agreement to use the National Geodata Platform to make your various amounts of data available. In the long run, more data sets than detailed plans may be made available, e.g. Buildings. The person signing should then be someone at an overall level in the organization.

The agreement should be signed by the person who has delegated it, ie the person in the municipality who is responsible for personal data in the business. Sometimes there is someone who signs all the municipality's PUB agreements.

The information to be stated is the contact person for the PUB agreement, ie the Lantmäteriet can contact the municipality for questions about PUB agreements and the contact person for personal data incident, ie the Lantmäteriet must contact the municipality if an incident occurs.

The information to be provided in Annex A is types of personal data (eg name, telephone number, address, property designation) and categories of data subjects (eg officials, property owners). Appendix B must state the contact person for any personal data incident.

A PUB agreement is signed once. If the new data sets contain new types and categories of personal data than previously stated, Annexes A and B of the PUB Agreement need to be updated, but no new endorsement is required (ie the PUB Agreement does not need to be re-signed).

Yes. During a transition period, there will be "two roads in", both for the detailed plan and for the building.

Yes, another municipality or a consultant that you work with can deliver for you.

What is to be delivered depends on which part of the detailed plan is located. For example, whether it has gained legal force or not. It also matters whether it is an older interpreted plan or a newly drawn up plan according to the National Board of Housing, Building and Planning's regulations.

More detailed information can be found in our webinar Connection and delivery. You can find it via the link National Geodata Platform - Webinars on connection and delivery of digital detailed plans.

Data sets that are delivered are validated against the National specification and then stored without any manipulation in Lantmäteriet's storage environment.

If the validation is successful, a reference object is created with a subset of the information in the data set, which is indexed and stored in a special database that is used to search the data set.

If errors are detected during validation, storage will be interrupted and the amount of data will not be searchable in the National Geodata Platform.

To consume the amounts of data in the National Geodata Platform, a system is needed that can communicate with the consumption APIs that are in the platform.

There are currently two APIs for consumption; Geodata Catalog Search and Geodata Catalog Download.

With the help of these, system developers can create functions for searching for and downloading the amounts of data and documents that have been stored in the platform or are referred to, from any of the platforms' amounts of data.

Yes, you can see which manufacturers delivered datasets under the input datasets. However, you can not see how many data sets each producer has made available in the National Geodata Platform. Only the type of data set, for example detailed plan.

To search for data sets in the National Geodata Platform, you need a system that can communicate APIs. See the question of consuming the amounts of data.

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