Sweden and Norway met to inaugurate border markings

6 July 2023

Sweden's and Norway's boundary commissions met yesterday by the national border between Värmland and Viken county to inaugurate two restored border markings. The work done is a part of the review of the national border, among other things to get a more precise demarcation.

Lantmäteriets generaldirektör Susanne Ås Sivborg invigde på onsdagen det nya riksröset vid sjön Tåken på gränsen mellan Sverige och Norge.

“Well-maintained borders make room for good neighbours, in between property owners and also in between countries. The review of the border contributes to good relations between our countries, something that is not obvious in today's Europe. The work also gives us a more precise border delineation”, said Susanne Ås Sivborg, director general at Lantmäteriet and also Sweden's chief border commissioner.

The boundary commissions inaugurated two border markings on Wednesday. In the morning, a new national marking was inaugurated on the shore of Lake Vittsjön in Årjäng municipality, in a place that had previously only been roughly defined as "Tufwan i Tåken". In the afternoon, the 1887 Oscar Stone at E18 was rededicated after being returned to its correct position. The stone forms national marking 31A and had ended up a couple of meters wrong in connection with road widening.

“Controlling the exact border location as well as restoring and measuring all the national borders is an important part of managing the national border. Just a few meters of uncertainty can have major consequences, from the value of real estate and forest holdings to the police, where the position of the border determines in which country a crime was committed”, said Sweden's border commissioner Martin Lidberg.

The joint Swedish-Norwegian activities on Wednesday are manifestations of the review of the national border between Sweden and Norway, is carried out 2020–2024. The work also includes the clearing the border.

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