Successful first year for project in Zimbabwe

20 December 2022

Increased diversity, more collaboration and joint planning. These are some success factors in Lantmäteriet's work to develop land administration in Zimbabwe.

Lantmäteriet runs a Sida-funded International Training Programme, (ITP), to develop the local land administration in Zimbabwe. The work aims at increased cooperation and participation, especially with regards to women, and contributes to sustainable and strengthened rights for residents in vulnerable areas.

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Farm meeting with participants in Epworth, Zimbabwe. Photo: Lantmäteriet.

Within the program, a change project on collaboration and planning to build a marketplace just outside the capital Harare in Zimbabwe is ongoing.

The three-year project is special in the sense that there are fifteen new project participants every year. The participants come from different groups in society and represent the local community, local and national authorities as well as independent specialist organizations. The different backgrounds of the participants make the handover from first-year participants extra important. To ensure the progress of the project, they will therefore act as mentors for the future participants.

This year's participants have managed to collect needs from farmers, women, vendors and other stakeholders. The area of the marketplace has been measured and 3D sketches have been produced.

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”Gallery walk” – Current participants hand over to new participants. Photo: Lantmäteriet.

–The participants have come up with really good results during the first year. At the same time, they have gained several new insights and lessons. Something that was very appreciated was a visit to Sweden, when they got to know waste management, the infrastructure and the cooperation between the municipality and government authorities, said Lennart Wastesson, project manager of the International Department at Lantmäteriet.

An advantage of the change of participants every year is that 45 participants have received similar training, inspiration and opportunities after the three years. Another benefit is the diversity – in this round, more women participated than men, while the participants came from different parts of society: Among participants were local citizens, local and central authorities and independent organizations.

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Demonstration of the measurement. The Swedish embassy, this year's and next year's participants are present here. Photo: Lantmäteriet.

The Swedish Embassy in Zimbabwe is impressed by the result

As a part of the program, participants carry out study visits to various Swedish institutions with the aim to learn how Swedish society is structured. Also, the study includes visits to other African countries that have progressed further in the same issues.

–The participants are given increased and directly useful knowledge and gain new insights, which contributes to successful results for the project, said Berthollet Kaboru, Councellor, Deputy Head of Mission and Head of Development Cooperation at the Swedish Embassy in Zimbabwe in connection with a visit to a handover seminar in Epworth, a suburb of Harare.

Next year's participants have been recruited and we look forward to another good year with equally great results!

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