Security and prosperity discussed at the European meeting in Gävle

15 June 2023

Last week, representatives from the EU's land surveying authorities gathered at Lantmäteriet in Gävle. Open data, security and geodata in disaster management in the event of, for example, earthquakes were some of the issues that were discussed.

In the picture: Sweden hands over the chairmanship to Spain. Manuel Olleros LLedó, Miguel Ancochea, Magdalena Andersson, Fernando De Aragón Amunnáriz, Amalia Velasco Martín-Varés and Mikael Lilje.

During the spring, the Swedish Land Survey chaired the PCC, the Permanent Committee on Cadastre in the European Union, an association of national geodata authorities within the EU. About 40 participants from 16 countries were present in Gävle on June 7–9 for a conference. In addition, several members participated via internet link. Also, observers from Armenia, Turkey and Ukraine participated, as well as representatives from EuroGeographics, European Land Registry Association (ELRA) and Council of European Geodetic Surveyors (CLGE).

Lantmäteriet's director general Susanne Ås Sivborg welcomed the meeting:

– It is an honor to receive the participants in the PCC meeting in Sweden and Gävle, in a time of historic challenges for the member states and the EU as a whole. Security, competitiveness, green transition and energy transition, democratic values and the rule of law are the priorities for the Swedish presidency of the EU, to which the geodata authorities have contributed, she said.

Security and prosperity

The theme of the PCC meeting was Security and Prosperity – The Role and Contribution of Land Surveying Authorities. Open data was the topic of many presentations, where several participating countries testified that this is one of the most important issues for the member states, not least against the background of the serious threat after the war in Ukraine. Another topic at the meeting was the importance of fast and accurate geodata in disaster situations, such as earthquakes and floods.

Sweden handed over the flag

Lantmäteriet contributed, among other things, with presentations on land elevation and on the national forest scan. Bengt Kjellson, inquiry chair in the government offices, told about the ongoing investigation A safer and more accessible property register.

 A man with blue glasses and a yellow jacket holds a pea green cube.
Martin Salzmann, The Netherlands, with the green "Surveying cube" which ensures that the questions are also heard by those who participate online.

– There were many interesting and current presentations, dialogues and discussions that connected both to Sweden's EU presidency and current issues for the land surveying authorities in Europe. Collaborating, exchanging experiences and learning from each other within Europe is very valuable, says Magdalen Andersson, Lantmäteriet's representative in PCC.

The conference ended with a handover of the PCC flag to the Spanish Land Survey, which will take over as chairman of the PCC in July.

Writer and photographer: Kristina Andersson

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