Lantmäteriet shall prevent crime linked to real estate

13 September 2022

In August 2022, Lantmäteriet was commissioned by the government to investigate the conditions, and propose measures, to prevent and counter crime that can be linked to real estate.

Investigate and report measures

Lantmäteriet shall report on how we can contribute to preventing and countering crime that can be attributed to real estate. This may apply, for example, to crimes against creditors, legal acts, money laundering or organized crime.

We must firstly investigate and report what measures can be taken with the current conditions, and partly report what measures can be implemented in the event of changed technical and legal conditions , as well as submit the necessary constitutional proposals.

The real estate and construction industry is exploited

Several reports point to the real estate and construction industry being exploited by organized crime, including the Police Authority's report "National risk assessment of money laundering and financing of terrorism in Sweden 2020/2021 (A052.211/2021)".

Money laundering can take place, for example, through under- or overvaluation of property value or through property purchases being made via boulevards to hide the origin of money or the real owner. In the case of real estate acquisitions, there is also a risk that they will be paid off with crime money.

"Honorable and good"

– Honorable and good that this assignment lands with Lantmäteriet. We manage a lot of real estate information that can be used to fight organized crime, says Anders Sandin, operational area manager for Geodata at Lantmäteriet.

Read more about the assignment on the Government's website (in swedish, new window).

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