Lantmäteriet in cooperation with Serbia

28 April 2023

In collaboration with the Serbian counterpart RGA, Lantmäteriet will contribute to a more efficient and sustainable social development in Serbia, especially when it comes to smarter community planning. The project is possible thanks to funding from SIDA, and will last until the end of 2025.

The project, "ePlan4eSpace", has as its overall objective to support continued development of standards for geodata and physical plans and to carry out capacity-building activities. The project is expected to contribute to a democratic, open and inclusive development of Serbia at a national, regional and local level. It aims to improve the conditions for businesses and citizens by applying a more sustainable use of existing resources, not least when it comes to land use.

RGA is the authority in Serbia responsible for real estate and address registers, geodetic infrastructure, topographic-cartographic activities, real estate valuation and the development of the country's geographic information infrastructure.

“Our experience from smart community planning process for a more open and more efficient planning and construction process are of course an important part of capacity building, and for the collaboration between Lantmäteriet and our Serbian counterpart RGA”, says Mathias Rantanen, project manager at Lantmäteriet.

During the project's start-up in spring 2023, the focus is on staffing the project organization, establishing work routines and building a project team with residents and staff from Lantmäteriet and RGA. This includes trainings, study visits and coordination with other key stakeholders and related projects. Important stakeholders are, for example, the country's municipalities and other government ministries and authorities, but companies are also part of the circle. During the second half of 2023, the project moves into an activity phase.

Examples of capacity-enhancing activities that are already taking place are "portfolio management", aiming for better control over which projects are to be started, how started projects are progressing, and the results of completed projects. In other words, making decisions about the right project. Lantmäteriet will also support RGA with project planning, management and project follow-up based on our own experiences.

Photo of the office of the RGA in Belgrade, Serbia: Mathias Rantanen

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