Lantmäteriet becomes the Armed Forces' map office

30 September 2022

Lantmäteriet 's role as supplier of maps and geodata to the Armed Forces is strengthened through a tightening of the authority's instructions. At the same time, we are also given the opportunity to conduct research in more areas than before.

Clarifies our role

– The change is long overdue. We have always worked closely with the Armed Forces. But as our environment changes, the instructions for our work for the Armed Forces need to be clarified, says Anders Sandin, head of the business area Geodata at Lantmäteriet.

The tightening of the instructions comes after a request to the Government Office where Lantmäteriet after consultation with the Armed Forces would like a clarification of its role.

- It is essentially the legal prerequisites that need to be clarified, not least in connection with the Lantmäteriet becoming a contingency authority on October 1, 2022, says Patrik Bremborg, head of unit at the Lantmäteriet.

Our work for the Armed Forces can change

Lantmäteriet 's work for the Armed Forces includes the production of printed maps, adapted geographic information and real estate information as well as advice and support in the geodata area. The commitment will also continue to be financed with fees and not with grants:

– This gives Lantmäteriet better conditions to follow the development, where a new threat picture, an expected NATO membership and increased defense appropriations can affect the scope of operations, says Patrik Bremborg.

Increased research and development possible

The change in the instructions also opens the door to conducting increased research and development in more areas, which is deemed necessary from a competence supply and development perspective.

In the past, Lantmäteriet 's research activities have had a particular focus on geodesy, that is, the location and height of points above sea level, and their gravity values.

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