Changed working method can shorten the time for expansion of the electricity grid by a third

27 April 2023

Energimarknadsinspektionen (Ei), Lantmäteriet and the county administrations have jointly proposed measures to streamline work with the expansion of the electricity network. If the measures, which are aimed at both authorities and electricity grid owners, are implemented, the time required to expand the electricity grids can be shortened by a third.

The proposals are part of a government assignment where Ei, Lantmäteriet and the county administrations are to develop working methods to shorten the lead times for electricity network expansion. Based on this collaboration, various measures are proposed for authorities and electricity grid companies to implement directly, without major legislative changes. Altogether, the proposals have potential to shorten lead times by several years.

Several of the proposals are about collaboration, joint dialogue, and new working methods for each of the actors, individually and also together.

Major time saving by administering concession application and utility easement in parallel

A proposed authority measure with great significance for the grid development process as a whole is that Ei and the Lantmäteriet handle the concession and right of way in parallel processes. Another important measure is to make greater use of access to land for survey work.

Another proposal of great importance is to complete the utility easement proceedings before construction begins.

“It is a model that we have successfully used in other large infrastructure projects, said Linda Sabel”, strategist at Lantmäteriet.

All in all, these authority measures could shorten the lead time by a couple of years, in some cases even more.

The report also proposes measures that can be implemented by the network companies directly without changes to the legislation. Examples of such proposals are to have an early dialogue with the Armed forces and land owners, to carry out early natural value inventories and bringing forward the pole design phase.

“The proposed measures that affect the electricity network companies can also mean a time saving of several years,” says Daniel Norstedt, head of department at Energimarknadsinspektionen.

In addition to measures for electricity grid companies and authorities, some proposals for constitutional amendments are also submitted, as well as issues that should be investigated further. These include, for example, the issue of the validity period for permits and exemptions, and new compensation rules for land access.

Read the report ”Kortare ledtider för elnätsutbyggnad - utveckla arbetssätt och parallella processer (Ei R2023:09)." (in Swedish, opens in new window)

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