About e-ID

E-ID is issued by banks and Telia. The e-ID can have different names depending on the issuer, for example BankID, Nordea eID or Telia e-identification.

To obtain e-ID you need to have a Swedish personal identity number and be registered as living in Sweden. The age you need to be varies between the e-ID providers. For example: you have to be 18 years old to obtain e-ID from the Swedish Tax Agency.

For a company to use e-ID, the user must have a Swedish personal identity number. The company cannot have its own e-ID; it must be linked to a person.

To read more about e-ID visit E-legitimation.se (new window).

To be able to use some of our services you will need valid e-ID on your computer or a card reader from your bank or Telia.

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