Here you can find recorded material from webinars and information sessions about the national specification for the building dataset. The material is aimed at managers, business developers and administrators. Together, we create a smarter urban planning and building process.

Buildings and the National geodata platform

The webinar is about building information and how municipalities can start testing their deliveries of building information according to the developed national specification for building to the National Geodata Platform.

It also covers how collection and working methods can work internally at the municipality. The city of Malmö, Hammarö and Borlänge municipalities share their valuable experiences in working with building information. Furthermore, the benefits of the national specification for building, the possibilities of geometries, measurement instructions, information flows and practical approach to getting started are presented.

The target group is managers and administrators within the operations:

  • community building
  • building permit
  • map/measure/GIS
  • IT and digitalisation.

Participating speakers are Lantmäteriet, Boverket, Borlänge municipality, Hammarö municipality, Malmö city, Sweco and Buildility.

Recording (in Swedish)

Other material (in Swedish)

Take part in the slide show shown at the webinar (in Swedish, pdf, new window)

Interview City of Malmö (in Swedish)

Malmö stad om nyttor, förändrade processer och arbetssätt och 3D-byggnader.

Interview Municipality of Hammarö

Hammarö kommun om nyttor, förändrade processer och arbetssätt och 3D-byggnader.

Interview Municipality of Borlänge 

Borlänge kommun om nyttor, förändrade processer och arbetssätt och 3D-byggnader.

Possibilities - geometry and measurement instructions NS Byggnad

A recording about the possibilities of the geometry management of building information in NS Byggnad. Participating is Thomas Lithén from Lantmäteriet.

The film takes up different parts of the handling of the geometries and the different parts can be seen at the following times (start time in brackets).

  • Introduction to geometry in NS Building (0:00)
  • Building part and NS LOD (1:09)
  • Example of measurement according to NS LOD (4:15)
  • Data capture from building permits (7:58)
  • Increasing the level of detail (11:45)
  • Consumption and use (13:40)

Recording (in Swedish)

Building information according to national specification

Take part in the webinar in which Lantmäteriet, the Swedish National Board of Housing, Building and Planning and Osby municipality participate.

The webinar consists of an introduction to the smarter social construction process and the National Geodata Platform. Next comes an inspiring session about building in several dimensions and examples from Osby municipality. After this, the work to produce the national specification for building and its content is presented, as well as how to get started with testing making buildings available in the National Geodata Platform.

The Swedish National Board of Housing, Building and Planning is also involved and talks about the purpose catalogue, national basic data with a focus on building and the process and benefits of building.

Recording (in Swedish)

Other material (in Swedish)

See Housing Authority's included films separately:

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