Agenda 2030, the Swedish environmental goals and geodata

The Swedish goals for the environment and the global goals for sustainability are well in coherence. Agenda 2030 has as a general goal to achieve a social, environmental and economically sustainable development for all the world till the year 2030.

Agenda 2030

The Swedish government has proclaimed that Sweden shall be leading in the implementation of Agenda 2030 and that the national goals for the environment are Sweden’s way to reach the environmental dimension in the global sustainability goals.

Geodata is the key

Development are in different stages in different parts of Sweden. Therefor the needs and the measures that need to be taken for a sustainable development differs. Geodata is the key for mapping the needs, planning and follow up the measures taken in the work with sustainability. A concrete example is time set geodata that provides the possibility to follow and analyze changes and development. The possibility to connect socioeconomic consequences to changes in geography provides yet another dimension to Agenda 2030.

The geodata strategy’s goal about equal supply of data support the overall principle of Agenda 2030, the importance to work for a society where no one is left behind in the development. Society need a good supply of geodata regardless if it is rural areas or cities. Production, distribution and the use of open, usable and accessible geodata should benefit everyone.

The national strategy for geodata and Agenda 2030

The national strategy for geodata and Agenda 2030 is well in coherence with each other. Geodata is needed for the follow up and implementation of 17 of the goals. For example - goal 6 about clean water and sanitation for all, goal 11 about sustainable cities and communities, goal 12 about sustainable consumption and production, goal 13 about climate changes and goal 15 about eco systems and biological diversity have a strong connection with the strategy for geodata.

The picture illustrates the strategy's relationship to Agenda 2030.
The picture illustrates the strategy's relationship to Agenda 2030.

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