Challenges for society

When needs and problems are described from the perspectives of society and citizens the usefulness and consequences of different decisions, choices and priorities become clearer and easier to communicate.The strategy therefor takes its starting point from four important challenges for society where geodata and the actors in the geodata field can contribute to a sustainable society.

The four challenges

In the following chapters the four challenges are described together with the goals that the national geodata strategy aim for within each challenge. The goals can in certain cases be the same for more than one challenge. This is a conscious choice we have made with the ambition that each challenge should be read within its context.

Sustainable urban development

Två kvinnor sitter utanför en byggnad

The first challenge is about creating sustainable cities with good living environments for the inhabitants.

Read more about the first challenge - Sustainable urban development

Smart rural areas

Skärmflygare över landskap

The second challenge changes the perspective and focuses on the importance of digitalization for the development of living rural areas.

Read more about the second challenge - Smart rural areas


En pojke står på en höjd, men utsikten över havet. En kvinna sitter framför honom och tar en bild med mobiltelefonen.

The adjustment to climate change is the central theme in the third challenge.

Read more about the third challenge - Climatization

A secure and robust society

En brandman eftersläcker en brand

The fourth and last challenge is about the ability to prevent and manage accidents, crises and wars to create a safe and robust society.

Read more about the fourth challenge - A secure and robust society

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