Students help authorities to develop their working methods

10 August 2023

Measure your processes, work agilely with continuous improvements and have clearly defined roles. This can contribute to an increased degree of process-oriented work, according to students Erik Wilhelmsson and Edvin Gustafsson. In their degree project they have investigated the success factors if you want to implement a process-oriented way of working at an authority. All on behalf of Lantmäteriet.

Two newly graduated Bachelors of Science in Engineering from the University of Gävle, Erik Wilhelmsson and Edvin Gustafsson, did their degree project at Lantmäteriet in Gävle during the spring. Their assignment from Lantmäteriet was to study success factors for a process-oriented way of working in a function-based organization. Authorities in the survey are: Lantmäteriet, The Swedish Companies Registration Office, The Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency, The Swedish Transport Administration, The Agency for Digital Government, The Swedish Work Environment Authority, The Swedish Migration Agency and The Swedish Tax Agency.

– We have experienced challenges in combining function-driven operations with process orientation, so we wanted to investigate whether other authorities have had the same challenges. We also wanted to know how they had solved their problems and if there are methods to succeed with the combination, says Anna Arnborg, Business Architect, Geodata, Lantmäteriet.

Summary of the survey

How do the authorities in the survey work?

  • Hierarchical organization:
    Due to the laws and guidelines that authorities need to consider, they will never be able to cease being hierarchical. This limits the process maturity ability of authorities.
  • Few authorities have performance metrics linked to processes:
    An organization needs to be able to measure its processes to achieve a high level of process maturity. All the interviewed authorities want to measure their processes to some extent, but some of them are further ahead than others.
  • Value streams:
    Three of the authorities worked with the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) method, where value streams are part of the framework. SAFe is the leading framework for scaling agile development from team to programme and portfolio level. To manage information effectively, value streams can be seen as a series of processes and activities that together lead to the information being presented to the user.

What success factors could contribute to an increased degree of process-oriented work in Swedish authorities?

  • Measure processes
  • Agile work with continuous improvements
  • Value streams
  • A good process map with clearly divided roles
  • Every employee understands process-oriented work

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    Processorientering i myndigheter: Framgångsfaktorer för att lyckas med ett processorienterat arbetssätt i en funktionsstyrd verksamhet (in Swedish, new window)

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