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The employees speak

We are around 2000 employees across 50 locations where all of us work in different ways to build our society. At Lantmäteriet you can work as an economist, lawyer, software developer, engineer, communications officer and of course land surveyor. In addition, you have the opportunity to work across Sweden or in one of our partner countries.

 Erik Katrin

More important to be multi-faceted than to be a specialist
Erik Katrin plans and develops Lantmäteriet's network of fixed reference stations for positioning with the use of satellites.

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 Tobias Lundberg

With the entire world as a workplace
IT architect Tobias Lundberg works with problem-solving with Lantmäteriet's best interests in mind.

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 Erika Bjurholt

Erika enjoys solving disputes
Cadastral surveyor Erika Bjurholt relishes the thought of tackling the more complex dispute cases.

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 Anton Bacic

In the service of peace
Project manager Anton Bacic is probably Lantmäteriet's most well-travelled and adventurous employee.

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 Cecilia Holgersson

Open-minded and fast-paced
Registration officer Cecilia Holgersson on keeping calm and prioritising in fast-paced situations.

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 Anna Lööf

New challenges every day
Computer engineer Anna Lööf enjoys visionary leadership with a focus on entering the technological development sector.

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 Erik Sisell

Maps in the blood
For Erik Sisell, his encounter with GIS, geographic information systems, was love at first sight.

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 Sebastian Hallman

Laying the foundations of Swedish economy
Property registration lawyer Sebastian Hallman helps people in important and often vital situations.

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 Olle Hedman

The dream of the great adventure
Cadastral surveyor Olle Hedman in Kiruna/Gällivare is living his dream and has the mountain plains as a workplace.

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 Tom Christensen

A nature-loving practitioner
When the Öresund Bridge was built, assistant surveyor Tom Christensen mostly worked from a platform in the middle of the Sound.

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 Selda Ali No two cadastral procedures alike
Cadastral surveyor Selda Ali has her sights on leading a major infrastructure project such as The City Tunnel in Malmö.

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 Terese Domesjö

Varied work for GIS engineer Terese
Dreamed of becoming a ballet dancer, but for Terese Domesjö, her decision to become a map engineer feels like the right choice.

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 Fredrik Janson

An interest in computers led straight to work
Imagine being able to work with what interests you the most. For IT developer Fredrik Janson, this is a reality.

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