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School staff

Do your pupils know what we do?

Do they know that:

  • our expertise and our services are the basis of the functioning and availability of land-use planning, the property market and information on nature, roads and locations?
  • a number of different professional groups such as land surveyors, mapping engineers, economists and lawyers work at Lantmäteriet?

At Lantmäteriet, we work actively to support teachers and guidance counsellors so as to shorten the paths between the pupils and working life.

GIS (geographic information system) is a large part of Lantmäteriet's daily activities.
Do you and your group of guidance counsellors or your pupils want to learn more about GIS and how it can be used? Our ambassadors are happy to come and hold classes with the pupils or information meetings with teachers/guidance counsellors.

If your school is in a municipality which for example participates in the Geodata collaboration, you can receive access to large quantities of geographical information which can be used in geography tuition, free of charge.

Contact our ambassadors Annelie and Lukas if you want to know more or book a visit.


Annelie Hörberg
E-post: annelie.horberg(at)lm.se
Tel: 026-63 32 87
Mobil: 0725- 08 75 73
Besöksadress: Lantmäteriet
Lantmäterig. 2C, 801 82 Gävle



Lukas Petré
E-post: lukas.petre(at)lm.se
Mobil: 0725-02 27 16
Besöksadress: Lantmäteriet
Kaserng. 28, 575 35 Eksjö

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