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Amalgamation means that several properties with the same owner are combined to form a new property.

During an amalgamation, the new property gets a new property designation. You do not need to apply for registration of ownership for the new property.

Cadastral procedures

We help you with amalgamation by way of a cadastral procedure. Below you can see the different stages of a cadastral procedure and the current processing time.

Cadastral procedure – the process

  • Examine
  • Investigate
  • Decide
  • Register
  • Make final payment

What does it cost? Here you can find price examples:

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If you have purchased or acquired part of a property, an application must be submitted no later than six months from the transfer date. Otherwise the transfer is not valid.

Have you bought a property or do you want to mortgage a property? You then need to fill in the form Application for registration of ownership or mortgage

We prioritise property formation for new construction of housing and related infrastructure. The processing time is significantly shorter for these cases.

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