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Uncertainties regarding real property

Lantmäteriet can help solve various issues concerning real properties that may be unclear. These issues may relate to boundaries, easements, area or content of a property.

You may be unsure as to the width of a driveway or user rights regarding a well. These questions can be legally answered by obtaining a property definition from Lantmäteriet.

There are also properties which have previously been subdivided in accordance with so-called private land division. Unofficial subdivisions made before 1 July 1962, land transfers made before 1969, unofficial land exchange and share transfers made before the year 1972, can be legalised through legalisation.

Any uncertaincy regarding ownership can be cleared up through an adjudication. Adjudication seeks to unravel unclear property rights and may lead to mortgage title for the rightful land owners.

Lantmäteriet can help to restore boundary marks or add additional markers on the ground at new locations in the boundary extension. This involves a so-called special boundary marking. In cases where the boundaries of the land are unclear, we can perform an investigation of the boundary in order to clarify the situation.

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