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Change property

Do you want to change your property? We can do this through a cadastral procedure.

A cadastral procedure can, for example, be a reallotment, where you receive help with the transfer of land from one property to another in order to increase your real estate. Reallotment can also involve forming, changing or removing a joint property unit.

We can also help you to create, modify or terminate an easement. Easement means that a property owner is entitled in a certain way to use someone else's property.

You can also receive help in arranging cooperation with other property owners regarding common facilities such as roads, playgrounds, and water and wastewater facilities.

Other types of cadastral procedure include subdivision, where you receive help with forming a new property in order to, for example, build a house, partitioning and amalgamation.

The cost of cadastral procedures is paid by the parties concerned.

Learn more about how a cadastral procedure works.

Apply for a cadastral procedure

Via the links to the right, you can apply for a cadastral procedure and read more about the service.

Apply for a cadastral procedure (pdf)
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