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Cadastral dossier

Any change in a property must be managed through a cadastral procedure. Results of all cadastral procedures are documented on maps and/or in documents and archived in a cadastral dossier. Lantmäteriet has meticulously archived the cadastral dossiers, which have been produced since the mid 1700s.

Both historical and current information

The cadastral dossier includes all historical and current information describing a property’s characteristics and corresponding cadastral procedures. All rights that have been granted and decisions which have been taken place regarding new plans and alterations can be found in this dossier. Dossiers may include maps and their corresponding descriptions together with a protocol describing how the cadastral process was completed. Comprehensive information can be found corresponding to functions in the property register - for example easements and boundaries.

Three million dossiers

Lantmäteriet’s digital archive currently stores approximately three million dossiers and these are legally valid documents regarding property division in the country. Lantmäteriet has a responsibility to ensure the maps and cadastral documents are preserved. Lantmäteriet has scanned all the dossiers, which were previously stored at each county authority, in order to reduce wear on the dossiers. At the same time digitisation is a means of shortening processing times for cadastral procedures. Analogue material has been transferred to The National Archives in Harnosand (Riksarkivet) for storage.

Both the Lantmäteriet as well most municipal cadastral authorities store their Cadastral dossier in Sheets.

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