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Prices and Purchases

Today most of the maps can be ordered as a map copy via the Historical Maps service.

It's free to look, print and save our maps from this website. Digital copies of maps or dossiers may be purchased on-line and are delivered in the high resolution format TIFF. It is possible to order printed copies of our material within Sweden.

Product Format Price Information Payment
A digital product (page) TIFF (High resolution image) SEK 150 kr (incl. VAT) Order through the service Historical Maps Credit card or direct payment
Printed* product Paper SEK 1 500 kr/m² (excl. VAT) Order through the service Historical Maps Invoice

*We regret to advise that it is not possible to order a printed copy from overseas.

Contents of this page may be automatically translated, we take no responsibility for the accuracy of the translation. Feel free to contact our customer support centre if you have any questions.

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