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GPS, geodesy and Swepos

Geodetic surveying involves measuring or staking out points on the ground with high accuracy. GPS and other satellite-based systems are important tools for this work.

Engineer performing static GNSS survey.

You can learn more about geodesy here and you can also get advice and support on issues relating to geodetic surveying and GPS.

Geodetic surveying is essential for e.g. design of a building, work with pipelines or when a road or railway shall be constructed. The position of the points is determined with high precision, either in relation to each other or to a reference system.

Today, much of the survey is carried out using GPS and other satellite-based systems, such as Russian Glonass or European Galileo. A collective name for these systems is GNSS, Global Navigation Satellite Systems.

Swepos provides accurate positioning

Lantmäteriet operates and develops Swepos®, a Swedish network of permanent reference stations. Along with users' GNSS receivers, the network provides opportunities for navigation support and accurate positioning.

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