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The Place-name Advisory Board

The Place-Name Advisory Board supports Lantmäteriet in promoting a correct use of place-names.

The Place-Name Advisory Board was founded in 1985. It consists of a representative from the Lantmäteriet, either the Director General or a person appointed by the Director General. The other members of the board are appointed by the Swedish Institute for Language and Folklore, the Swedish National Heritage Board, the Sami Parliament, The Swedish Association of Local Authorities and Regions, the Swedish Transport Administration and the Swedish Universities.

When needed, the Board can be temporarily extended to include authorities and organizations that are not ordinarily represented.

The primary purpose of the Board

The aim of the Board is to develop principles and recommendations for a good national policy regarding place-names, in cooperation with Lantmäteriet and the appropriate national authorities (Historic Environment Act (new window), Law (1988: 950, revised 2013: 548) Kulturmilölagen 1 kap. 4 § Good place-names practice).

The board members

Lantmäteriet, Chairman - Anders Sandin

Institute for Language and Folklore - Leila Mattfolk

The Swedish National Heritage Board – Mikael Jakobsson

The Sami Parliament - Marie Louise Allas

The Swedish Association of Local Authorities and Regions - Marianne Leckström

The Swedish Transport Administration - Gunilla Ragnarsson

The Swedish Universities
Staffan Nyström, Uppsala University, Seminar for Scandinavian name research.

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