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Frequently Asked Questions

Did you know that you can see all information about your property in our My Property service?

If you have e-Identification on file on your computer you can log in and view your information online.

Read more about My Property and log in to see information about your properties.

Our Customer Support Centre can answer questions about properties and provide copies or extracts from the Property register in accordance with the principle of public access to official records.

You can do this by applying for a title deed. Here you will also find contact information for the relevant office.

Apply for title deed to change or add property owner.

Read more about taxes and fees for property registration.

Contact your local office regarding an open case.

Here you can learn more about how to apply for a cadastral procedure regarding, for example, subdivision, partition or to form a joint facility.

Apply or learn more about cadastral procedures.

Read more about prices and fees for cadastral procedures.

Contact your local office regarding an open case.

If you want to obtain a mortgage deed, if your mortgage deed has been lost, or if you want to convert a written mortgage deed to a computerised mortgage deed, we can help you.

Read more about mortgage deeds

Contents of this page may be automatically translated, we take no responsibility for the accuracy of the translation. Feel free to contact our customer support centre if you have any questions.

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