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About us

Lantmäteriet, the Swedish mapping, cadastral and land registration authorityis a public authority that belongs to the Ministry of Finance. Our activities are essential to a well-functioning society.

Our driving concept is to contribute to sustainable society-building and economic development by creating the conditions for:

  • building and developing real properties and society's infrastructure.
  • purchasing, owning and selling real properties.
  • searching, finding and using geographical information and property information.

Our mission

We are responsible for property division in Sweden and we provide society - public sector, trade and industry, and private persons - with information on geography and real properties.

We are also responsible for

  • A national geodetic infrastructure.
  • Establishing place-names according to a preserved place-name practice.

Short facts

  • Director General Susanne Ås Sivborg.
  • Lantmäteriet's revenues in 2014 amounted to SEK 1 778 million.
  • 67 per cent of the revenues come from fees and other charges; the rest is financed by appropriations.
  • We have around 2 000 employees in 50 locations.
  • Three divisions are responsible for cadastral services, land registration and land and geographic information (geodata).
  • The biggest client groups are the municipalities and the banks. Private individuals also account for a large group. Large individual customers are the Swedish Armed Forces, the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency and the Swedish Transport Administration.
  • We belong to the Ministry of Finance
  • We have held environmental accreditation to ISO 14001 since 2003.
  • We have been mapping Sweden since 1628.


Annual report 2017 (pdf)

Strategic plan 2013-2017 (pdf, 1,25 MB)

You can learn more about our mission in the
Appropriation directions.


Management is made up of the Director General, Deputy Director General, the Division Heads for Cadastral Services, Geodata and Land Registration, and the Directors for IT, Planning, Communications and HR, along with secretaries.

Director General, Susanne Ås Sivborg
Deputy Director General, Anders Lundquist,
Head, Land Registration, Thomas Öberg
Head, Cadastral Services, Tove Elvelid
Head, Geodata Division, Anders Sandin
Director R&D/IT, Anna Granström
Director Economy, Peter Björebo
Director of Communications, Eva Ferndahl
DG’s PA, Christina Wallström

Lantmäteriet is run by a Board. The Director General is on the Board and is responsible for the ongoing operations in accordance with the directives of the Board. The Government appoints the Chairman and other members.

Lantmäteriet’s Board is collectively responsible for overall operations to the Government.


Olle Sundin, Chairman, forms Director General of LFV
Susanne Ås Sivborg, Director General of Lantmäteriet & Chief Executive
Anna Ernestam, CFO Swedish Red Cross
Ulf Kamne, Vice Chairman, Municipal Commissioner, City of Gothenburg
Markus Bylund, Head of Strategy, Uppsala Municipality
Anna-Maria Victorin, Land Surveyor, National Property Board Sweden
Nils Svartz, Senior Advisor, The Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency

Labour union representatives

Magnus Landgren, Lantmäteriakademikerna
Gull-Britt Olander, ST Lantmäteri
Jeanette Norman, Deputy Head, ST Lantmäteri

For Lantmäteriakademikerna, the Saco group at Lantmäteriet 

Magnus Landgren
801 82 Gävle
+46 (0)40-660 81 83, work.

For ST at Lantmäteriet

Jeanette Norman
801 82 Gävle

Lantmäteriet has three divisions

Each is responsible for different business areas.

The Cadastral Services Division is responsible for property division: in other words, it makes decisions on new property units and making changes to existing boundaries.
The division is also responsible for making decisions concerning joint properties, easements and rights of way.

The Land Registration Division examines, makes decisions on and registers title transactions, mortgages, site leasehold rights and other rights that are then recorded in the Real Property Register. The division also makes decisions on and handle stamp duty and charges.

The Geodata Division collects, stores and update information about Sweden´s geography and properties, and makes this information available to the general public, the public sector and the private sector.

Agency-wide units

We have seven agency-wide units that represent Lantmäteriet’s common resources for issues concerning the following: 

  • finance
  • human resources
  • development and IT
  • communications
  • sustainability
  • document management
  • service exports


Lantmäteriet has a turnover of approximately SEK 1.9 billion per year. Just over 70 per cent of the revenue comes from fees. Otherwise, operations are financed by public funds (appropriations).

Our environmental policy

We contribute to the sustainable ownership and use of land and water within the framework of urban development in Sweden and abroad.

We contribute by regularly updating our own environmental goals as part of society’s common efforts to achieve environmental objectives.

Environmental considerations are a natural part of our activities. Our internal and external environmental work is an important part of our profile.

We participate actively in the development of the rules that govern the Swedish real estate system and the planning and development process. Our mission includes contributing environment-related property information and geographical information based on society’s needs.

We strive to achieve resource-efficiency in our work and choose renewable resources that maintain or increase the benefits for our stakeholders.

We comply with applicable laws and ordinances and live up to society’s expectations of us.

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