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The IMPULS Project, funded by Sida, has been ongoing since 2014 and was finalised in December 2019.


The project has supported the Agencies in Western Balkan that are responsible for the implementation of the spatial data infrastructure in their work to adjust to the EU directive INSPIRE. Each Agency has been focusing to organize their NSDI, National Spatial Data Infrastructure to provide the basis for how technical interoperability can be achieved, how authorities should disseminate geodata in an electronic format via services and how they should share geodata with other public authorities and other countries.

The IMPULS project has been managed by Lantmäteriet as leading and with the State Geodetic Administration in Croatia as a junior partner. Due to many beneficiaries and the necessity of coordination between IMPULS and other ongoing initiatives and responsibilities within each organisation the IMPULS project, has been a complex project with big focus on coordination.

Participating agencies:
North Macedonia AREC: www.katastar.gov.mk 
Albania ASIG: geoportal.asig.gov.al
Bosnia and Herzegovina FGA: www.fgu.com.ba
Republic of Srpska GARS: www.rgurs.org
Albania SAC: www.ashk.gov.al
Kosovo KCA: www.kca-ks.org
Serbia RGA: www.rgz.gov.rs
Sweden Lantmäteriet: www.lantmateriet.se
Croatia SGA: www.dgu.hr

The impact of the project has been positive, and many of the set outputs and outcomes has been achieved. A review of the IMPULS project was done by Sida in late 2019 by FCG, Finish Consulting Group. See report Evaluation of IMPULS – Final report (pdf).

The scope, organization and results of IMPULS project has been assembled and published in a book, the IMPULS book with experiences from the IMPULS project in Western Balkan, can be found on link “The IMPULS book flip.exe” and The IMPULS book (pdf)