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Free trial of Lantmäteriet´s viewing services during Hack the crisis Sweden

As a participant of Hack the crisis Sweden you have the opportunity to make use of Lantmäteriet´s viewing services, for the benefit of innovative solutions to overcome the pandemic. 

The following viewing services are available for participants at Hack the crisis Sweden, on 3-6 April 2020.

Topographical Web Map

The topographical web map viewing services, contain topographical information of Sweden, such as administrative subdivision, buildings, facilities, regulations, roads, railways, mountain information, power lines, land surfaces, water surfaces, altitude curves and terrain shading, place name, information text and address number. The topographical web map viewing services are zoomable and adapted for screen viewing.

The topographical web map is available as three viewing services with different characteristics, read more below. However, the information in the map is the same regardless of which viewing service you choose.

The topographical map is available in two variants; in color or monochrome i.e. dimmed in a grayscale. The monochrome web map is convenient to use when you need to combine with other information.

Example of topographical map in color
Example of topographical map in monochrome

Which Topographical Web Map Viewing Service should I choose?

Topographical Web Map Viewing (Web Map Service – WMS) when you

Topographical Web Map Viewing, cache (Web Map Tile Service – WMTS) when you

Topographic Sitemap Viewing, layered (Web Map Service – WMS)when you


Orthophotos allow you to see a true scale aerial view of reality. Orthophotos are therefore an important complement to the map. In the orthophoto you can see details that are often generalized in the map.

Orthophotos are available as two viewing services; Orthophoto Display and Orthophoto Display, yearly. Both services provide access to true scaled aerial imagery across Sweden. The services are zoomable and adapted for screen viewing. The annual orthophotos show images from different years, starting in 2006.

Elevation data

The Elevation Model Viewing Service provides gradient images and shadow images. The service contains four layers, one layer for terrain shadowing and one for gradient images, one layer that shows timeliness and origin, and one layer that reports the year of collection.

Property Classification

The Property Classification Viewing Service presents property information in ten separate layers.


The Hydrography Viewing Inspire Service presents hydrography information in six separate layers.

User account

To access the free trial of Lantmäteriet´s viewing services you need a user name and password, provided in the Slack channel.

Limited access

You will have access to the viewing services during a limited time of one month (from 3 April to 3 May 2020). Thereafter you can apply for a Try-out-license by contacting: geodatasupport@lm.se

Terms and fees after the hackathon

The terms and fees for using the viewing services after the hackathon differ depending on how you want to use them. If you want to use the services in your business, you need to sign a license for use. Please contact geodatasupport@lm.se

FAQ and contact

Lantmäteriet, the Swedish mapping, cadastral and land registration authority

Please find answers right away in our frequently asked questions.
If you have questions, you are welcome to contact us:
E-mail: geodatasupport@lm.se
Phone: +46 (0)771-63 63 63

Please find Lantmäteriet´s open data at www.dataportal.se (opens in new window)