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This is how you can use the maps

Map copyright information

Maps with geographic information are protected according to the Swedish Copyright Act (1960:729). The copyright belongs to the State and is administered by the Lantmäteriet.

You may
use the geographic information, including extracts on paper, for your personal use.

You may not
 use the geographical information, unless you have a separate agreement to that effect (see below)

  • to create new products or services, for example, by modifying or compiling the information with other information;
  • to distribute it to another, in whole or in part, irrespective of the medium it is distributed on.

If you want to use the information for anything other than personal use
To use Lantmäteriet maps and information for consequential production and sales, or anything other than personal use requires a contract/agreement from Lantmäteriet that entitles you to use the geographical information in the required way. Examples of consequential products can be: planning maps, tourist and leisure maps, illustrations or showing maps on the web.

In some instances agreements between you and Lantmäteriet can be in a simplified form through our online service

Fees for utilisation according to the agreement are determined guided by Lantmäteriet’s regulations on fees for basic geographic information and property information, LMFS.

Utilisation fees are based, among others, on:

  • the period during which permission applies
  • the degree of utilisation, for example, edition
  • amount of data, for example, surface, colours, design updating.

Regulations are promulgated in the Lantmäteriet’s statute book, LMFS.

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