Property determination

Are you unsure where a boundary goes, where an easement is or what it really is? Then we can help you by making a property determination.

What does a property determination mean?

A property determination can involve an investigation and decision on:

  • how the boundaries go between different properties
  • an easement or a management right applies at all and to what extent
  • Buildings located on the property are included in the ownership of the property
  • the extent of a community facility.

What is decided at the surveying service will be legally binding for the future.

What can it cost?

You will find out the cost of your particular case from the surveying officer who handles the case. The cost depends on what you want to do with your property and what the conditions are for making those changes.

Based on the conversation with the business surveyor, and after a property law review of the properties that are part of your case, we strive to keep a ongoing dialogue with you about how the cost develops.

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