Right of use agreement

Here you get help creating and printing a usufruct agreement. The information you fill in will be converted into a usufruct agreement upon printing. Using the map, you can draw out where the right is located.

Submit agreement and application form

The usufruct agreement must be submitted in original together with the application form Application regarding other registration matter (pdf, new window) when applying for registration of usufruct.

Post the agreement together with the application to:
Lantmäteriet Property registration, 761 80 Norrtälje.

For that the right must be visible in the property register, the agreement needs to be sent to Lantmäteriet for registration, thus ensuring that the new owner of the leasing property and other stakeholders.

Once the agreement has been received, together with an application, Lantmäteriet conducts a formal review and assesses whether enrollment can granted.

Create the usage agreement

Keep in mind that the agreement is not saved automatically. Once you have created the agreement, you need to print it directly or save it on your computer so that what you filled in is not lost.

Do you need to find out a property designation or who owns a property? With the e-services My Map and Who owns the property, you can get the information (new window).

Fields marked with * are required and must be filled out.

The property / plot right that grants the right of use
Person with right of use
You can use the map to search for the property that grants the right of use. Then mark with the help of the drawing tool where on the property the right is located.

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