Establish easement agreements or usufruct agreements

When applying for the registration of a contractual easement or a right of use, a written agreement must be drawn up between the parties. The agreement must be attached together with the application form for other enrollment matters and mailed to Lantmäteriet .

Submit form and agreement

Follow the steps to complete your application for registration of easement or right of use:

  1. Fill in, print and sign the form Apply for another registration case (pdf, new window).
  2. Fill in, print and sign the agreement (select easement or usufruct agreement under "Create the agreement")
  3. Post the application form together with the signed agreement in the original to: Lantmäteriet Fastighetsinskrivning, 761 80 Norrtälje.

Create the agreement

Start creating the contract by choosing the type of enrollment your application applies to.

My application is for enrolling in a contract easement

An agreement easement is written between two or more properties and signed by the owner of the leasing property. An easement means that one property is given the right to use something specific on the other property, such as a road or a well.

Create and print an easement agreement

My application concerns the registration of a right of use

A right of use is when a person, a company or a municipality has the right to use someone's property in a certain specific way, for example by using the home or an area of the property.  A right of use is created through an agreement between one or more property owners and a person, company or municipality.

Create and print a usage agreement

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