Turn written mortgage deeds into computer mortgage deeds

Written mortgage deeds and old mortgage deeds that are not mortgaged can be converted (converted) into computer mortgage deeds. They are then registered as owners on behalf of the property owner or the plot right holder. Data mortgage deeds can never be destroyed or lost.

Do this

Fill in the form and send it together with your mortgage deed (promissory note before 1972) or your written mortgage deed to us.

Fact sheet: Convert written mortgage deeds to owner-registered mortgage deeds (pdf, new window).

What happens after my application?

Once you have submitted the mortgage deed and we have completed the conversion, you as the property owner or plot right holder will receive a written notice from us. if you wish, we can return the canceled written mortgage deed or mortgage deed to you, provided that the mortgage deed was issued before 1972.

Remember that only the old original document of the mortgage deed, the one issued before 1972, can be This means that if the mortgage deed has been converted previously, and reprinted, it is no longer possible to get the old original document back.

Lantmäteriet . Read more about owner registration . If the mortgage deeds are mortgaged, they are registered to the lender's mortgagee number. Conversion and owner registration cost nothing if you turn directly to Lantmäteriet .

If you want to know if the data mortgage deed is owner-registered contact Kreditmarknadservice on telephone 026-63 48 00.

When is a written mortgage deed needed?

If the mortgage deed is to be used as security for someone who is not connected to the Mortgage System, a written mortgage deed is required. This could be, for example, if you borrow money from a relative or a foreign lender.

If you are unsure whether your lender can handle computer mortgage deeds, contact Kreditmarknadsservice at Lantmäteriet in Gävle, via 026-63 48 00 or email pantbrev@lm.se.

Turn a digital mortgage deed into a written

Do you want to turn a computer mortgage deed into a written mortgage deed? Then you need apply to print an owner-registered mortgage deed.

Do you have questions about data mortgage deeds?

Contact Kreditmarknadservice via e-mail pantbrev@lm.se or call 026-63 48 00

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If your question concerns a specific property, remember to state the property's official designation with municipality, name and number (for example Gävle Torp 1: 1).

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