Connection when sharing / exchanging a mortgage

Exchange is the legal term for what is sometimes referred to in everyday speech as the division of a mortgage.

Today, when sharing / exchanging a mortgage via the Mortgage Debt System's Service 'Connection', you can agree with another mortgagee on which archive the new mortgage deeds will be registered in after the exchange has been completed. The connection service, which is used by a few banks, will not be in Pantsystems' range of services when it is commissioned in May 2021. However, from the commissioning of Pantsystem, Lantmäteriet will offer the opportunity to for exchange and new mortgages, choose that the new mortgages be registered to different mortgagee numbers.

The opportunity will initially only be offered for applications that are made in paper form. Lantmäteriet plans to expand the e-service (e-application) so that in the future you can both send in an exchange and choose to register new mortgages to different mortgagee numbers.

Lantmäteriet sees great advantages in these cases being carried out via e-services in the future, both from an efficiency and quality perspective.

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