Excerpt from the Mortgage Deed Register

Here you can easily order an extract from the mortgage deed register. You only need to fill in the property name and social security number or organization number of a legally qualified owner / plot right holder for the property in the form below.

Content of the extract

In an extract from the Mortgage Deed Register, you can see:

  • the amount of the mortgage deed
  • the mortgage deed's file number
  • if the pledge is a data pledge or a written pledge
  • who is the holder of a data mortgage deed.

If the mortgage deed is in writing, no holder is presented. The extract also shows the name of the legal owner/site holder.

How do I get the extract?

The extract is sent by post to the lawful owner's / plot right holder's civil registration address, or alternatively to a digital mailbox if he is connected to such a service, this also applies to legal persons.

If the lawful owner has died

If your order refers to a property or plot of land where the legal owner or plot right holder has died, the order must be made via email.

If the extract applies, for example, to a tenant-owner association

If you order an extract for a legal entity, such as a tenant-owner association, fill in the organization number in the form. The extract is then sent to the lawful owner's registered address, or alternatively to a digital mailbox if he is connected to one.

Order extract

Note that the form is reset after 20 minutes of inactivity.

*) indicates required fields

You are welcome to contact pantbrevsregistret@lm.se to ask questions, comment on shortcomings or make requests.

When is the order processed?

Ordering can be done around the clock but is only handled when our internal systems are open.

Opening hours for our internal system:

Monday - Thursday at 3-20
Friday at 3-18
Saturday - Sunday at 3-18

When ordering outside the opening hours, any error messages will not be sent until the system reopens.

More ways to order the extract

It is also possible to order extracts from the mortgage deed register by calling 026-63 37 00 or by sending an inquiry via e-mail: pantbrevsregistret@lm.se

If you are a broker and need to order an extract from the mortgage deed register, a brokerage assignment or assignment agreement must be attached via email.

If the mediation assignment is electronic, this must be submitted together with information that the signature has been made electronically (a so-called voucher page or some other proof). The extract is sent by post to the broker who has the brokerage assignment.

(If the order for the extract is made through the web form, it will be sent to the legal owner.)

If you want to post your order, use the form Extract from the Mortgage Deed Register (pdf, new window) and send it to:

801 82 Gävle

The Public Access to Information and Secrecy Act

Since the information in the Mortgage Deed Register is classified according to the Publicity and Secrecy Act (2009:400) ch. 31. §§ 6-7, we cannot disclose the information via phone or email.

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