20§ Application for cancelling a mortgage

You have the opportunity to make this application if the mortgage deeds are older than ten years and have not been shown in any mortgage case in the last ten years. All property owners must participate and apply.

Cost and payment

The application fee is SEK 500 and must be paid in advance:

  • Bank giro 766-6746 or via
  • Swish to 123 073 4798

Remember to state the property's full name (eg Gävle Torp 1: 1) when paying. This is important for us to be able to match the payment with the application.

When paying from a foreign bank, enter:
IBAN: SE83 1200 0000 0128 1010 7238


The following owner/plot right holder hereby applies, in accordance with section 20 of the Act (2011: 900) for the cancelling of a lost document, that the following mortgage (s) be cancelled without the mortgage documents being presented. It is not known where the mortgage documents are.

Note that the form is reset after 20 minutes of inactivity.

*) indicates required fields

Property/plot right

List all properties to which the mortgage deeds apply.

(For more than five properties, fill them in the Other information field.)


Applicant 1

Applicant 2

(For more than two owners, fill them in the Other information field.)

Contact person


Enter all mortgages to be cancelled in connection with the properties you have specified.

Mortgage 1

Mortgage 2

Mortgage 3

Mortgage 4

Mortgage 5

Mortgage 6

Mortgage 7

Mortgage 8

Mortgage 9

Mortgage 10

As more than 10 years have passed since the mortgage document(s) were last presented to Lantmäteriet in any mortgage case, it is applied for that the mortgage document(s) may be cancelled, even though they cannot be presented.

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