What to think about when it comes to land, location and more?

Do others have the right to use the plot or the land? And can you really know exactly where the plot boundary goes? That and other issues in this section.


To think of

Regardless of whether you are going to buy a new one or change something with the property or land you already own, it is good to keep track of the municipality's detailed and area plans. They regulate, among other things, how and where you can build and how big the plot can be. Sometimes they also contain detailed information such as the color of the houses' facades.

Keep in mind that new properties need access to connecting roads, water and sewers. The most common solutions are connection to municipal networks, individually within the plot or participation in a community facility for a number of plots. Talk to the broker or seller about what applies. Order extracts from the relevant municipality to check that the sewer is approved. You can also get information through a free extract from the property register .

When you buy a property, it is also good to know that you have an extensive duty to inspect both the house In addition to having the house inspected, for example, also check where the plot boundary goes or if others have the right to use the property.

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Questions and answers

In most cases there is a map at Lantmäteriet . When buying, you can ask sellers or brokers to show markings, it may be that some of what is claimed to be empty in fact is part of another plot.

Map with coordinates and razor-sharp lines is often perceived as exact and as proof of where the boundaries go. This is a misconception but sometimes you can find boundary markers yourself. Here we explain how it is.

If you buy or already have a plot where there is uncertainty around where the plot boundaries go, you can get help to sort them out by applying for what is called a surveying service. A surveying service costs and here you can take a look at a price example.

It may be that someone else has the right to use the relevant plot / land in different ways, for example walking over your plot, sharing your well or jetty. Therefore, talk to the broker and seller if there are any so-called easements or rights that come with the property.

Should you need to investigate what applies, you can apply for what is called a surveying service. Then you can find out if an easement or a management right applies at all and to what extent. But before you apply - find out how it works and what it costs.

Sometimes there are several properties that together own and take care of land and various facilities such as roads, green areas and beach areas. Other examples of community facilities are water and sewage systems.

Please note that if the property is part of a community facility, you are involved and share responsibility and costs for the community. By forming a community association, it can become a more efficient and legally secure management of the community facility.

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Information about your community association can be found at Lantmäteriet's community association register. This is also where you turn to register and change information about the current community association.


Easement is a right for a property to use another property's road, well, etc. An easement is attached to a certain property, not to a certain person. The easement applies regardless of who owns the property and is generally valid until further notice, has no end date.

Right of use:

The difference between an easement and a right of use is that the latter is the right of a person, a company or a municipality to use someone else's property in a certain way, unlike an easement which is a right linked to a property.

Management rights:

Electricity and water lines, optical fibers, district heating lines - society depends on a variety of lines to function. Actors who own wiring need to run their wiring over someone else's land. The right to do so can be regulated in a management right. A right of management means an infringement of the property owner's right of ownership.

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