Do you want to change a property or plot?

A property, ie a plot or piece of land, can be changed in different ways. It can be shared, merged and transferred to another.

Maybe your relative has land that you would like to build a house on? What do you do if you want to divide the land and create a new property?

Apply for surveying service

In order for a property to be able to be changed, you need to apply to do what is called a surveying service. It is Lantmäteriet and sometimes the municipality's own surveying department that performs the surveying service.

A property can be changed in different ways. It can:

  • Divided (by cutting or splitting)
  • Merge (by merge)
  • Transferred to another property (through property regulation)

Read about change, merge and share a property.

Remember! A surveying service already costs from when we received your application. This is the time we need to spend on your case that determines the cost.

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Questions and answers

Surveying services cost different and there are many factors that determine the final cost. On our website you can get a good idea of the cost via our price examples.

Read more about costs and take part in price examples

How long does it take?

A surveying service is more than just drawing a new line on the map. Often investigation is required if it is possible to create the site in the desired way.

Things that affect time are:

  • How easy or difficult it is to implement
  • How long is the queue time (but if you are going to build a home on the site, you can get priority)

Read more about processing times and queue times

No, to find out if it is possible to change the property in the way you want, you need to send in an application for surveying. Lantmäteriet also charges a fixed amount for each submitted application, regardless of the outcome of the case or if the application is withdrawn.

Investigating the issue of building permits can be good in several contexts. Are you about to buy a plot where you want to build a house? Or buy a property where you plan to expand? Yes, then it is good to find out in advance what opportunities for building permits are available. It can also be good to check in certain cases when buying if there is a building permit for, for example, extensions. With regard to the application for a building permit, it is the respective municipality, building committee or equivalent, which handles matters concerning building permits, land permits and so on.

Read more about building permit at (in Swedish, new window)

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