3. Decision

Once we have gathered all the information we need, we make decisions. There are different types of decisions. In the normal case, we make a decision about the property itself, a property development decision.

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What decisions do we make?

We decide on how the costs of our work are to be distributed between the owners (the property owners and others affected by the surveying service). We make a compensation decision if the owners are to pay money to each other. We make a decision on from which day the changes will apply when, for example, land changes owners, easements are added, etc.

The last decision we make is a closing decision to clarify that we have completed the surveying service. We will then send out a summary of all decisions we have made in your case. You will normally receive copies on:

  • administration map. A map that shows how the property has changed through the surveying procedure.
  • Administrative protocol that contains the decisions we have made in your case.
  • A property law and technical description that includes area and coordinates for boundary points.

All decisions are recorded.

The appeal

If you are dissatisfied with a decision, you can appeal. The decision states what to do to appeal, usually it must be done within four weeks of the conclusion of the procedure. The appeal will be sent to us.

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