Collaboration of authorities in a re-rounding

This describes Lantmäteriets role and collaboration with other authorities in connection with a redevelopment.

The County Administrative Board's role in the redevelopment

The County Administrative Board Dalarna manages the land reserve and is responsible for agricultural issues, cultural environment issues and nature conservation issues. The County Administrative Board also handles acquisition permits. In redevelopment areas, a permit is usually required for the acquisition of land taxed as an agricultural unit. It is with the county administrative board that an acquisition permit is applied for.

Read more about acquisition permits on the County Administrative Board Dalarna 's website (opens in new window)

The Swedish Forest Agency's role in redevelopment

The Swedish Forest Agency is responsible for nature conservation and advice on forestry issues.

Skogens Pärlor is an e-service where the Swedish Forest Agency shows valuable environments in your forest. On detailed maps, you can easily take part in various inventories and analyzes of objects worthy of protection.

Lantmäteriet s role in the re-rounding

The Lantmäteriet carries out the re-rounding, ie. makes a new property division and distributes cash. In order for a redevelopment to be carried out, property owners must have applied for this and Lantmäteriet must have investigated that there is a boat and that public opinion is not negative. Read more about how a re-rounding takes place.

In the brochure Re-rounding - this is what we do now! (new window), produced by the County Administrative Board Dalarna in collaboration with Lantmäteriet and the Swedish Forest Agency, you can read more about the redevelopment process.

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