Release of real estate accessories

Here you can read about the release of real estate accessories, such as a building, a pipe or a fence.

What are property accessories?

In addition to the land, a property can also consist of various property accessories - for example a building, a pipe, a fence or another facility that has been built on the property "for permanent use", thus not temporarily.

A building, a cogeneration or other heating plant used in the exercise of a management rights can be released from the property so that they instead become movable property.

Why release property accessories?

The reason for doing so may be, for example, that a forest company sells forest land with its own lines on - but wants to retain ownership of the lines. And this is exactly what the release of real estate accessories makes possible: when the real estate accessories become movable property, the ownership is transferred from the owner of the land to the one who has the right of management.

What decisions can we make?

We can make a decision to release property accessories at the same time as a management right is created for the facility. Release can also take place as a separate measure for facilities for which management rights have already been granted. not that the right to the facilities with accessories has been secured with a right of use or a contractual easement.

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