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Search place names contains Sweden's official place name register. All names are searchable and are indicated by a mark on a map.

Do this

To search for a name, just enter the name in the Keywords field. The search is performed on names that begin with the letters you enter. When you click the Search button or press Enter on the keyboard, the search result is displayed as a list directly below the input field and key selections. At the top of the search result is the number of place names found in Sweden on what you have searched for.

If your search contains more than 10 hits, you can click on the browse button selection below the search result to see the next 10 hits. If you click on a search result, the hit is displayed in the center of the map image and the location is marked with a blue location marker in the map image. Click on another place or place in the search result and the map will be updated so that the geographical location of the new place or place is marked with a blue place marker.

Example of search

How many places are there? starting at Dal? Enter dal and click the Search button or press Enter on the keyboard. The result is shown below and to the right of the search result is a map with the first 10 hits marked on the map. To see the next 10 hits of the 3715 hits, scroll to the next page.

Example of search. Click on the image for a larger version.

Example of filtering search

If you want to reduce the number of hits in the search result, you can use different filters by clicking the Show filter button. Enter a keyword and in the filter you can select one of the options Begins with, Exact, Contains or Ends with. Click the Search with filter button or press Enter on the keyboard.

You want e.g. perhaps see all places that end with the word mountain in Gävleborg 's county which are Nature and terrain names. You do this by:

  1. Entering mountains in the input field
  2. Select the option Ends with
  3. Select Gävleborg < / span> s län
  4. Select Nature and terrain name
  5. Click the Search with filter button or press Enter on the keyboard. To see the next 10 hits in the search, scroll to the next page.
  6. Click on a search result and the location will be displayed centrally in the map image with a blue location marker.
Example of filtering a search. Click on the image for a larger version.

Description of searchable name types

There are a number of name types to search for. Here are descriptions of these.


The name type Buildings includes names of buildings of various kinds; villages, farms, crofts, castles, churches, etc.

Urban area

The name type Urban area stands for built-up areas geographically delimited by Statistics Sweden, Statistics Sweden and named by Lantmäteriet .


The name type Kyrka includes the names of our parish churches.


Traktnamn is a register technical term that refers to the names found in the property register. They make up the bulk of the property designations. In urban areas, it is common for neighborhood names to be used as area names.

Nature and terrain names

The name type Nature and terrain names includes the names of all types of natural phenomena, such as bogs, bogs, islets, islands, capes, cliffs, lakes, bays, streams, mountains, etc. The service also offers you to search for these separately, Sea and lake, Watercourse area, Streams, Sankmark and Glacier.


Name of plant or plant area. Facility can be a building, a collection of buildings, or in another way landscaped area intended for production, service or recreation.

Ancient relics

RAÄ) antiquities register.

Nature conservation area

The name type Nature conservation area includes names of administratively delimited, nature protected areas, such as nature reserves, national parks, seal protection areas, etc.

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