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Here are tips on links to websites with information, articles, maps, games and more. Almost all links lead to Swedish pages on other websites.

Source criticism and digital tools

Community planning and sustainability

Find in the map

  • Map printing (in Swedish)  - In Lantmäteriet 's e-service Map printing, you can print your own map, where you choose an area in the map, create a map book and save it in pdf format for printing on a scale of 1:10 000 or 1:50 000.
  • what3words (new window, in Swedish) - What3Words is an easy and fun way to talk about places and maps, on your mobile or computer, using a combination of 3 words that describe the place, words of your choice.
  • Seterra (new window, in Swedish) - helps you learn all types of name geography - countries, flags, Swedish landscapes, seas, states, capitals and other cities in Europe, Asia, Africa, South America and North America.

Climate and environment

For teachers

    In space

    Historical maps

    In other countries

    Swedish democracy and the Riksdag

    Book tips

    ”Handbook for map reader: a fact book about the world on paper ”by Linnéa Krylén.
    Think of the word map and you may see an atlas or a world map from the classroom in the school in front of you. But maps are much more than that! They are used on land and at sea, in mines and among stars and even in certain sports. Today, we also use maps daily, thanks to the GPS function on our phones. For children 9-12 years

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