About Geoschool

Geoschool is a digital learning environment with a mapping tool and suggestions for lessons for geographical presentations and analyzes of nature and society. You can use the tool to develop students' digital skills and ability to critically review and evaluate information.

The tool makes it easy to use maps and other geographical information in primary and secondary school. Geoschool contains geographical information from several authorities. It is web-based and open to everyone, easily accessible and costs nothing to use.

Get started with Geoschool

To get started with Geoschool, there are a number of lesson suggestions in different subject areas. The aim of the lessons is to provide knowledge about geographical sources and tools, such as maps, geographical information systems (GIS) and models. The lesson suggestions are based on the content of the curriculum for compulsory school and upper secondary school, respectively.

The map tool contains nationwide geographical information from Lantmäteriet and other authorities, in the form of various map layers. The mapping tool can be described as a simple GIS - geographic information system - that makes it possible to analyze and present by selecting layers, zooming, panning, measuring, drawing and printing. The tool is well suited for field studies as it is adapted for smartphone and tablet. Take part in more information about the map tool.

The various map layers open up opportunities for teaching in several subject areas such as geography, history, social sciences, biology, natural sciences, technology, mathematics and sports. As the layers and map are nationwide, it is easy to adapt the lesson to the students' immediate environment.

Here is brief information about the Geo School, in Swedish (pdf, new window).

Map layers from several authorities

The map tool shows stock with information from different authorities and in the lesson suggestions there are links to source material in the form of descriptions and educational material from the authorities, in this way the students get knowledge about which authority is responsible for which information and descriptions of the information.

Because the information in the map tool is directly linked to the different authorities' data warehouses, students and teachers always work with the latest updated information. :

  • Lantmäteriet
  • Swedish Geological Survey (SGU)
  • Riksantikvarieämbetet (RAÄ)
  • Statistiska centr albyrån (SCB)
  • Naturvårdsverket
  • Sveriges meteorologiska och hydrologiska institut (SMHI) and
  • Länsstyrelsen.

Create new and share lessons!

As a teacher, you can easily use the Geoschool's tools and suggestions for lessons to develop your own lessons in other subjects, for example with tasks to search for additional sources.

Create your own lessons

You have free access to the map tool with digital geographical information that can be used in your subject area as well as interdisciplinary together with your colleagues. With the help of the tool, you can create your own lessons where you can start from your geographical proximity.

Share your lessons

To make it easier for you and your colleagues, we are happy to help you share lessons by presenting these here on geoskolan.se. Welcome to contact us: info@geoskolan.se.

The development of Geoskolan

The continued work with Geoschool mainly consists of presenting more lesson proposals in different subject areas for compulsory school and upper secondary school. An effect of more lesson suggestions may be a need to expand the mapping tool with more information.

Lantmäteriet is happy to help explore the possibilities of expanding the mapping tool's content with more map storage. Welcome to contact us with your ideas and wishes: info@geoskolan.se.

Geoschool has been developed by Lantmäteriet , in collaboration with the City of Västerås, Statistics Sweden and SGU plus a number of teachers and municipal GIS experts. Lantmäteriet is now working together with Arboga municipality to continue the work.

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