Develop students' digital skills and teach with GIS and geodata! With Geoskolan, you as a primary or secondary school teacher get access to free teaching support that can be used in most subjects. Here you get lesson suggestions and access to a map application with data from Lantmäteriet and several other authorities.

Teach with GIS and geodata

Geoschool is a natural part of Lantmäteriet 's activities. We are the authority that maps Sweden. With Geoskolan, we meet the basic school's and upper secondary school's basic need for geographical information. In this way, we create conditions for increasing and broadening knowledge about and use of geographical information, what we call geodata. Read more about the Geo School.

Film about the Geo School

Film - how to use the Geo School's mapping tool for field studies. Only in Swedish.

Are you curious about your local environment? Compare how it looks on the map and use Geoskolan's map tool for field studies.

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Help and tips for the Geo School's map application 

Link pantry with tips on other websites with information, articles, maps, games and more.

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