Subscription forms

There are different types of Network RTK subscription depending on your needs.

What is included with a subscription?

Each subscription provides a connection to the service, for use throughout the country.

A M2M SIM card is included free of charge in the network RTK subscription *. The subscriptions to Nätverks-RTK also include Nätverks- DGNSS.

Subscription price 
Subscription Price
Nätverks-RTK** SEK 15,000/subscription***
Network RTK 90 days SEK 5,000/subscription
Network RTK 30 days SEK 2,000/subscription
Network RTK pot **** SEK 5,000/pot

If you have a subscription to Nätverks-RTK, you can extend it to apply also in Finland and Norway. This can be ordered separately.

Network RTK

The subscription can be used around the clock without restriction, it is the most common subscription and is suitable for all measurement activities.

30- and 90-day subscriptions

When subscribing to the subscriptions, you get access to the service from the desired start date and 30 or 90 days ahead. The subscription ends automatically when the period expires. If you want to extend the period, you must order a new subscription (new window).

M2M SIM cards are not included in the time-limited subscriptions.


Network RTK pot is a time-limited subscription that provides 1000 minutes of connection for a maximum of 12 months from the start date of the subscription period.

1000 minutes corresponds to 16 hours and 40 minutes of connection.

The subscription form is suitable good if you use the service irregularly or for short periods.

The subscription can be used from the start date of the subscription and until the pot runs out. To continue using Network RTK when the pot is empty, you must order a new subscription period (new window).

Subscription for agricultural applications

For machine control applications in agriculture, Swepos cooperates with a number of companies in the agricultural sector.

The collaboration aims to provide the best possible support and assistance to those users in the agricultural sector who use Nätverks-RTK together with various product-specific machine control equipment.

For connection to Nätverks-RTK we refer to the following companies:

  • AG Precision ApS
  • Agrotech Sverige AB
  • Bil & Maskin Skåne AB
  • Dataväxt AB
  • Green Deer AB
  • Gunnar Nilsson Maskin AB
  • Gunnars Maskiner AB
  • Lantmännen Maskin AB
  • Maskingruppen i Ängelholm AB
  • Norrmaskiner AB
  • OP Maskiner AB
  • Swedish Agro Machinery AB < / li>
  • Söderberg & Haak Maskin AB
  • Värmdal & Traktorservice AB
  • Ystad Traktor & Maskin AB

Try on subscription

For new customers there is the opportunity to try Nätverks-RTK for 10 days free of charge.

Fill in the order form (new window) and we will activate a trial subscription for you. After 10 days, the subscription expires and you must then sign up for a regular subscription in order to continue using the service.

M2M SIM card 

Network RTK requires Internet connection to connect to Swepos.

Swepos offers a free M2M SIM card (machine-to-machine communication SIM card) for Network RTK * (applies to the subscription forms Network RTK and Connection Pot). It is also possible to use your own mobile subscription.

The M2M SIM card can "roam", ie automatically switch to another available operator in the event of a weak signal or if coverage is lacking from the original operator. The M2M SIM card is only available together with a subscription to Nätverks-RTK and ordered via the service portal (new window).

Reportedly, the M2M sim cards do not work with some older types of modems that only support 2G. If you are unsure of the type of modem in your equipment, you can contact your instrument supplier.

Additions for the Nordics

A subscription at Swepos can be expanded with the possibility of measuring in Finland and / or Norway. The same username that applies in Sweden can be used in the other Nordic countries.

The prices below apply to extending a Swepos subscription to another Nordic country.

Order Nordic supplement to your RTK subscription (pdf, new window).

Subscription fees

Fee for Nordic supplement to Network RTK
Land Price, until further notice from 2010-01-01
Finland SEK 7,000 / year / connection for unlimited amount of data
Norge SEK 5,000 / year / connection for unlimited data amount

Cost for mobile subscription is not included, ie Swepo's M2M SIM card may not be used.


For measurement support in Finland, contact Geotrim Oy

For support when measuring in Norway, contact Kartverket 's customer center

* Please note that the M2M SIM card may only be used together ns with Swepo's real-time services. We reserve the right to deactivate the M2M SIM card with immediate effect in the event of unauthorized use.

** The subscription is ongoing, ie is automatically extended for another period if it is not actively canceled.

*** Possibility of a quote for the third subscription.

**** The subscription is valid until the pot is over or a maximum of 12 months from the start of the period. 

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