Contents of the geodetic archive

The Geodetic Archive contains records and measurement documents from the end of the 18th century onwards.

The extensive content of the geodetic archive comprises e.g. measurements and calculations for the national geodetic reference networks - GNSS measurements, levelling data, gravity measurements and older distance and angle measurements.

These measurements and calculations result in coordinates and heights for geodetic points.

Contents of Lantmäteriet's geodetic archive

Object type Quantity
SWEREF points, class 1 in SWEREF 99  400
RIX 95 points, class 2 in SWEREF 99 10 000
Triangulation points, class A, from the third triangulation 4 000
Triangulation points, class B, densification of the third national triangulation 300
Triangulation points, Class C, not intended for geodetic frame measurement 1 000
Older triangulation points 12 000
Flight signaling horizontal ground control points 8 000
Astronomical points 200
Height benchmarks from the third precision levelling, RH 2000 50 000
Older height control points 70 000
Barometric height control points 6 000
Gravity points 20 000
Calculation manuscripts and measurement protocols 10 000
Point and network maps 5 000

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