Updated information - New version of Register designation Direct is postponed

31 January 2022

Register designation Direkt v.4.0.4, which was planned for release on 26 May, has now been postponed indefinitely. This is due to unforeseen issues that have been identified in the service's verification environment.

We have previously informed that Register designation Direkt would come in a new version 2021-05-26, see news from 2021-05-21 . Prior to the planned release, problems unfortunately arose in our internal consumer systems. We have therefore made a change in the service and this means that the commissioning of the new version will be postponed. no new date has been decided for this release, we will inform you of this as soon as a decision has been made.

This means that v.4.0.3 is still the current version of Register Direction Direct. more information, see product page Register designation Direct .

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