News transfer format ÖFF - update of 2020 tax information and version change to 11.50

31 January 2022

On October 8, 2020, there will be a transition from the transfer format ÖFF to a new version, ÖFF 11.50. With the transition to a new ÖFF version, updated tax information will be loaded. In other respects, changes are made to the ÖFF tables at field level. Some thinning of information will also take place.

Previously, the new tax information from the Swedish Tax Agency was updated in the transfer format ÖFF at the beginning of January every year. New for this year is that the information will be updated already in October 2020. As the loading of new data takes place in October 2020, the tax information year will be marked "2021" already from October 2020.
When the tax information is read, existing orders are affected of Property notification, complete as below:

Restarts tables

  • 01R If table 41A is in existing order
  • 31R If table 41A + enrollment information is available in existing order
  • 37A / B If table 42A is in existing order

What happens at the first notification, 2020-10-10?

  1. Notification file (for notifications on Saturdays) is created for the time period 2020-10-03 - 2020-10-10 via regular weekly notification that runs the night between 09 and 10/10.
  2. An empty notification file is created for orders that are affected by item 3 below. It is a second weekly notification that is run during daytime 10/10 (this is done so that there will be no problems with 01R / 31R records).
  3. Starting takes place for 2020 tax information (tables in the 40 series ) and the tables above under the heading Restart.


2020 -10-06
Last delivery of Real Estate i ÖFF11.40

Last delivery of Real Estate Notification, complete and Real Estate Notification, simplified in ÖFF11.40

No deliveries of Real Estate Outlets

2020-10- 08—2020-10-09

No deliveries of Fastighetsavisering, full and Fastighetsavise ring, simplified


First delivery of Property in ÖFF11.50 (including updated tax information)

First delivery of Real Estate Notification complete and Real Estate Notification, simplified in ÖFF11.50 (including updated tax information)

All other changes that occur with the transition to the new version, ÖFF 11.50, are reported in the separate specification (pdf in Swedish, new window).

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